The Lucky One (Alana) – 2

Alana was not  paid for teaching, she was exempt from fees to attend the class and Salsa night.  Every Thursday there was a Salsa night at the same Hotel where the classes were held.

Alana was a bit surprised to see Matt at class without Maria.  He told Alana she was home with the children.

She danced with Matt, among others. He was still clumsy, but acted as if he were a master.  He told Alana he’d miss the class this week as he was taking his family to the North Coast.

As Alana was pretty and popular and one of those people ‘everyone liked’ she didn’t think it odd that Matt was confiding in her.

At the end, he offered to drive her home, but she had her own car.  She left by herself, drove home, thinking about work tomorrow.


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