The Lucky One – Alana – (11)

Alana didn’t want to think that Matt had used her.   But she left that possibility open.

She went on with her life.  She went to Salsa class, to the dances, and only wrote emails to Matt as responses.

The emails dwindled, until they were of little import  as Matt became colder.   Not unexpectedly he wrote that Alana should go on with her life and he would go on with his.

It didn’t hurt as much as she thought because she had expected it.

There was pain when she recalled the halcyon days of their early relationship, but she was strong.  She accepted his decision.

She began to notice his Facebook page was full of selfies of Matt dancing with a girl who tried to be sexy.  The girl always had her mouth in a kiss pose, always stood with her backside pushed out.

Image after image of Matt and his new dance partner filled his Facebook page and reminded Alana of those photos he’d posted of her.

Alana decided to unfriend Matt, so she wouldn’t have these images filling her page.


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Written by jaylar

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