The Lucky One (Alana) – 1


She met Matt accidentally.   She was at her usual Salsa class when Matt and his wife, Maria entered.

Maria, knew the dance, and was pretty good.  Matt was clumsy and too tight.  Alana could see how annoyed Maria was, as did Wayne, the head instructor.  He took Maria for his partner and asked Alana to teach Matt.

After about an hour, Matt got most of the steps, but was still too stiff as if his hips were welded to his spine.

At the end of class, Alana drove home.

Neither Matt nor Maria made much of an impression her.   She met dozens of people a day, both at work and at Salsa.

They returned the following week; Maria behaved as if she had been dragged, Matt as if he had looked forward to the lessons all week.


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Written by jaylar

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