The Lucky One – 7

Alana was  loving his country, the people and places. Matt  was incredibly attentive and seemed in love with her.

The only annoyance was his constant taking of selfies and having other people snap them dancing, eating, as if her life was a photo shoot.

Other than that, Alana had a fantastic time.

She had decided that after the divorce, when they were married, she would move there.

They flew back to Alana’s country.  Shortly she came to  live with Matt in the flat his company rented for him.  She didn’t give up her house and did spend weekends there with her children when it was her turn at custody.

Her divorce had shared custody which was fluid enough to allow the convenient weekends.

She liked being with Matt.  They went dancing often, and to other venues.  He was always snapping selfies and reporting their lives on Facebook, however.

She asked him about it and he said he wanted to share his joy with the world.


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Written by jaylar

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