The Encounter – 30

Denny completed her Masters.  She was offered a job teaching in another city.

Her life was as it always was.   Moving from place to place, meeting new people, seeing new places.   Everything was temporary.

Everything in her life was a ‘now’ thing, to eat here now, to buy that now, to have these people as her friends, now, but nothing permanent, nothing that mattered.

There was only one ‘rock’ in her life, that was Jamey.   A boy, when she met him, a High School Senior when she was a junior.

She had loved him, or thought she did.  And for these years she had thought of him.

It was a bit ‘too soon’  she felt, so accepted the job, and after a year of teaching, of being, she felt it was time.

It was time to see if Jamey was ready for life, or if he had accepted the life set for him.


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Written by jaylar

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