The Encounter – 3

At  lunch break, the story of New Girl flipping Greg was top gossip. When Jamey said he’d seen it and Greg got what he deserved, any animosity against ‘The New Girl’ was gone.

They were calling her ‘Ninja’.

Jamey looked for her during the passing between classes and found her.  He greeted her, which immediately elevated her to High School royalty.

Off hand, Jamey invited her to the hang out.

The Hang Out was a diner just over a block away where his crowd hung after school.   Students who were not part of his group rarely entered when he was there, for they’d get stares and silence and made to feel uncomfortable.

Within the hour, everyone knew that Denny was ‘part’ of Jamey’s crowd, and everyone tried to befriend her.


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Written by jaylar

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