The Encounter – 20

Jamey married Carol just as expected.  Everything was exactly as expected, from the wedding to the honeymoon to the return to town, to him going to day college and Carol going off to become a hair stylist.

They’d lime at the hangout on Friday nights, sometimes during the week.

Denny appeared on Fridays and once and a while during the week.

Sometimes Jamey was there,  sometimes not.

When Denny and Jamey were there together they’d talk about nothing much.  Sneak out for a smoke.

Stand out there, two feet between them, and talk.  They’d keep their expressions bland so that no eye would ever ‘misread’.

And then, they’d go back inside.

Shortly after, Denny would leave.   Jamey would give her about thirty minutes, then he’d go home with Carol.

This ‘secret’ agent thing was what Jamey lived for, those moments when he would be with Denny, hear her voice, share his thoughts.



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Written by jaylar

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