The Encounter – 19

Jamey stood behind the diner, puffing a cigarette, watching his life turn into smoke.   Tommy was babbling about the dangers of smoking, his voice a white noise.

Jamey thought of what Denny had said about the future.

Maybe in ten years he wouldn’t even want to be with Denny; maybe she’d be on the other side of the world.

Maybe he’d never see her again.

That thought gripped his heart and he felt such anguish he could shout.  But he didn’t shout any more than he had changed his expression from the moment Tommy came out and ‘caught’  he and Denny smoking.

She had taken Tommy’s arrival as a way to escape an emotional tsunami and left.  Tommy began his speech and Jamey didn’t change expression.

He was good at control.

Tommy  finished his lecture on ‘cigarettes are bad for you’ ,  Jamey took that last drag and went back inside of the Diner.


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Written by jaylar

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