The Encounter – 13

Jamey had, of course, taken Carol to the Prom.  They had the same ‘fun’ they always did. His eyes circled the room, looking for Denny.  He knew she wasn’t coming, she’d told him.   Yet, maybe…

The left the Prom, he drove her home, they kissed good night.  Then he began to drive home.  He didn’t want to go home, he circled around, thinking to pass Denny’s house.

And he wished he had Denny’s life.  Wished he could just disappear and reappear in some other place.

His life had been set from birth.

This was his elementary school, his Junior High, his High, and then there was the college he would attend.

He would go into his father’s business, starting at the bottom.  He would learn each feature, then move up and up until he was the Boss.

But before college, he would marry Carol and move into the house his family had been building on their land for the past seven years.

Building for him and his bride.

He had no choice, turned and went home.


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Written by jaylar

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