The Cost of a Run – 6 (End)

The relationship between Shelly and the mystery man heated up, and she moved in with him.  I didn’t know about it.

It was only when I finally cornered her,  two months later, telling her that I’d given her space and it was time for her to come back.

“I’m not coming back, Mitch.  I’ve met someone and I’m staying with him.”

“What?”  I exclaimed, disbelieving.

“It was so magical,” she began.   “You went out with Vickie and I felt so sad, and then Nina and Molly took me to a bar.  Charley came up and we started to talk, and he made me feel good.”


“We went out the next night, and the next, and I never met anyone I felt closer to.  So we’ve moved in together and are talking about marriage.”


“Have to go…” she said, made a quick smile, and was gone.

Because I ran with Vickie.


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Written by jaylar

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