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The birth of a new personality amid viral crisis

Living in a pandemic crisis, new personality has cropped up.

We have learned that there are only two general classification of personalities according to some psychologists and psychoanalists.

One is extrovert who is gregarious and company-loving like the politicians and businessmen. And the other one is introvert who wants to be alone like the musicians, artists and the like.

In this global outbreak of the dreaded and dangerous Coronavirus, some psychologists introduce a new-brand type of personality which I learned upon reading the news on lifestyle. They base their idea on the trying and critical current situations nowadays which the people are experiencing like limited mobility, confining to home, curtailed group socialization, temporary work stoppage.

They claim it as a combination of the traits and abilities of the extrovert and introvert people. The situation is “coviverse” and the personality is “covivert”.

Will it last long in case the viral crisis will end? What do you think?


What do you think?

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Written by Gil Camporazo


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