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The Art and Power of Giving Back

Giving back is something to do to help humble oneself. In society today many people believe that the world is theirs for the taking. While that may be true if everyone believes the world is theirs what does that leave? It leaves entitled, spoiled know-it-alls. However, the few that know there is power in humility will always see the importance of giving back can have for many people. Whether you are helping a cause due to a passion, boredom, or just to prove to yourself that you are selfless it will reach a level of humbleness that many can gain.

Out of the many ways to give back it is best to stick with the one that is most fulfilling whether that is giving back to the community or someone who is in need. There are companies such as the Red Cross that allow individuals to sign up and travel to help with certain causes. Then are companies similar to Creations for a Cause that allows people to give back through purchases.

Sand Cloud Towels is a company that aims to save marine life. They empower the ocean by helping change the way people who live or visit the beaches treat the surrounding land. Sale online products that generate income for different organizations such as the Surfer Foundation, Hawaii Wildlife Fund, and a few others. Also, in the California area, they have beach cleanups and keep track of the waste that is dumped on beaches. While companies similar to Creation for a Cause have the same concept (giving ten percent of profit made to organizations) as Sand Cloud Towels their goals differ. Creation for a Cause provides education, food, water, and saving wildlife through the company website. They give individuals in poverty-stricken areas a chance at a better life. As far as Creations for a Cause different products purchased goes towards either saving panda’s life, providing elephants a new home, etc. There are all sorts of websites that give back to different areas in the world for different reasons. Searching the websites you will be able to see what organizations they are partnered with and their goals.

Whether you choose to give back by surfing the web and helping the companies that provide profit for an organization or signing up to volunteer with local work. Giving back is your chance to make a different seen or unseen. Be sure to do research on the company of your choice; finding out their goals and if there are organizations they work with will help when deciding to give your money and time.

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  1. This is very nice .. It needs to help and return nature for everything it has given us.That’s how it works in well-organized and regulated countries.Unfortunately, at Blakan, the awareness of this is very small.Nature is polluting, and a small number of people realize that this is not good for future generations.Another problem is the lack of money for some of the larger ventures in order to reduce pollution.

    • People should know more about giving back and the companies that travel to state to state, city to city giving those in the community an opportunity to volunteer and help out for a bigger cause. Though money is often required for some of the companies mentioned in the article. It does not take money to volunteer.

      • People in the Balkans now think how to survive for a month with a small salary.The last thing they care about is the protection of nature and animals.It would be nice to live in orderly and stable countries,where the main concern would be the protection of animals.I’m afraid it will not be soon.

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