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The anti-Islamist politician of Holland Joram van Klaveren accepted Islam

Amsterdam: The important colleague of the anti-Islamist politician Geert  Wilder and former member of the parliament, Joram van Klaveren, accepted Islam.

The Joram van Klaveren who maintain and act against the Islam, acknowledging their mistakes, announced to enter Islam. Joram van Klaveren said that apologizing for offering negative face to Islam and providing false information to people about Islam.

The 40-year-old Joram van Klaveren said that in his closet he had many books against Islam and with this there were books related to the Bible and Prophet Muhammad.

Klaveren said that he initially decided to write anti-Islam books, for which many articles were written and wanted to answer the arguments of Islam with references, but it concluded that it is wrong to call Islam responsible for right-hand members and problems from the world.

He said that the wife has acknowledged her acceptance of Islam, but he will not force her two children and wives to enter Islam. I leave decision on them to read about Islam first. Klaveren said that he did not want to implement Christianity on anyone, and so on he also wants about Islam.

Be clear before entering Islam, Klaveren was a leader of the Party for Freedom, and he was a Member Assembly from 2010 to 2017 for this party’s platform.


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