The Ant Lifestyle ~ 365 Photos Challenge #250

I’m happy when I managed to photograph the black ant today. This is important for the illustration of this post than I have to go far to photograph a boat in the sea.

Three days ago, my friend and former client invited me to attend an event in his office hall. One of the introductory events was a motivational lecture from a famous motivator here. As always, motivators always encourage people to achieve success and happiness in life, and all of that is also quite good in my view, moreover delivered in a very interesting and impressive way.

That’s good enough because the context is the success at work and a career in a business company that has to be bigger. Some of the points of the lecture are that everyone always has goals in life and for that, we must be creative, always active, keep trying, never give up, love to work together to achieve desire, goals, and be happy in life. Well, it’s like an ant lifestyle, isn’t it?

There are many things I can comment on about the lecture, but one of the reflections that might be important for us to chew and digest more deeply is what is contained in the short story that I quoted from AJ’s book. De Mello – Song Of The Bird;


The industrialist was horrified to find the fisherman lying beside his boat, smoking a pipe.

“Why aren’t you out fishing? “Said the industrialist.

“Because I have caught enough fish for the day. “

“Why don’t you catch some more? “

“What would I do with it? “

“Earn more money. Then you can have a motorbike fixed to your boat and go into deeper waters and catch more fish.”

“What would I do then? “

“They would bring you money to buy nylon nets, so more fish, more money. Soon you will have enough to buy two boats… even a fleet of boots. Then you could be rich like me. “

“What would I do then? “

“Then you could really enjoy life. “

“What do you think I am doing now? “

Which would you rather have: a fortune or a capacity for enjoyment?

That’s all about the short story; the story and its contemplative questions. Maybe you’ve heard that story or something such, but I still hope that you get a glimmer of inspiration from it.

By the way, I admit that the photo of this ant is less clear and sharp, but it’s pretty good for illustration, isn’t it?


What do you think?


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