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Teenagers need your special attention

Most parents having children in 13-19 age group know very well about behavioral problem associated with this particular age group – they need freedom.

They want to act according to their own choices with no interference whatsoever coming from anywhere. As they say, teens want everything in their own ways.

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Most of you with children in teens know that there is just one right way to tackle such children. You have to put yourself in their place and think with their point of view.

Parents of this age group need to have a particular attitude towards sorting out things with lots of patience and exactly the way children will understand your point of view that matches with their mentality/temperament and keeps them under your control too.

You should know that children who fall in teenage may go against your wishes which most of them feel were “Imposed” on them.

They may even revolt against you or defy your suggestions, or insist to act according to their own choice. But if you feel that your child does not deserve what he is forcing you for you should stay firm.

As a parent you should know that if you give them an inch they would ask for a mile so once you have decided to stop them from something you should stay on your decision because once you revoke your rejection that will encourage them again in future.


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Written by Suny Ag


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