Taking The Week Off….

Every Sunday Mrs. Bowen called her daughter Barbie. Barbie was one of the most obnoxious people you ever want to meet.

She was a ‘blonde with the wrong hair colour’, to put it kindly. A girl who did very badly at school, but was pretty. Mrs. Bowen knew people so got her into modeling.

Barbie did alright but she needed a ‘day job’ and Mrs. Bowen got her that as well.

As you can see, way up into adulthood, Mrs. Bowen was still looking after Barbie until she moved away and began to look after herself.

Every Sunday Mrs. Bowen would call Barbie who never told her anything; it was like her life was a secret. As bad as that was, the tone of voice Barbie used, what she said, would always make Mrs. Bowen feel worse after calling.

She decided to take the week off.

Mrs.Bowen didn’t call Barbie that Sunday. She let the day pass and felt so much better. That feeling lasted the week.

As Sunday approached, Mrs. Bowen could not bring herself to ring Barbie. It was not much of an effort.

Why talk to people who make you feel bad about yourself? Why spend any time at all with those who bring down your spirit?


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