Still water on Railway tracks:Mumbai

Local trains were restored from Vasai-Virar of Western Railway after the rain got slower in Mumbai on Wednesday. In this section, the first train was started at 6 in the morning at about 10 kmph per hour after 30 hours.


According to information received from the railway, the work is still to remove the water from the local Railway Tracks to restore the needed rail transportation.

The torrential rains that took place for five consecutive days have stopped on Wednesday, but millions of Vasai-Nalasopara-Virar still Are helpless They are struggling with stagnant traffic, closed power supply, water logging around and dirt spread all over. Now there is a possibility of spreading diseases.

Because of no electricity, millions of people in these areas could not sleep on Tuesday night. They are deprived of TV, mobile phones and all the means of contact. Due to lack of electricity, the water pumps in the tank of the society remained stalled. From there, local people went to Mumbai for 30 hours, while the accumulation of water accumulated on buildings, shops and roads was slow. After noon some trains were look little  slow to operate.

Stalled local trains left on Wednesday morning. Many people came home after more than 24 hours. Vasai, residents of Nalasopara and Virar, the natural hail of rain, but the local administration’s inability to open the way for the common commuters. There was no preparation for the municipal corporation to deal with such a weighty calamity.

It is unimaginable that the arrangements in such adjacent areas from Mumbai can be stalled too. If the administration does not make all the preparations to deal with such situations in the future by taking a lesson from these circumstances, then what could be the bigger crime of concerned authorities not doing their best for the convenience of Common men in the Financial Capital of India.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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