Staying Organized & Productive for Progress

Wednesday, 9.20.17

To me, staying organized and productive on a daily basis means progress and growth. The growth and progress are usually positive, even though it might be in small increments of growth during some situations. But, still, it is a good sign because it is all about moving forward.

This morning, my day start at 8 am, mostly due to my furry and living alarm clock, named Gumby. He kept bugging me to get up and feed him his breakfast. I decided to get up because I needed to do other things. After eating my breakfast, I worked on my graphic novel until 10 am. Then, I decided to call AAA because I needed to recharge my MX-3, although my car now works perfectly since I bought a new battery and terminals. But I didn’t close my driver’s door, and it was left ajar from Friday evening until Saturday afternoon when I actually noticed the door was not fully closed. I did close the door on Saturday, but on Tuesday when I wanted to drive the car, it wouldn’t start. The opened door drained a new battery. So, this morning, I called AAA to recharge my battery. At 10:30 am, the man said to either drive it for 30 minutes to one hour, or leave the engine running for 30 minutes to one hour. I didn’t have anywhere to go right now, in which I decided to let the engine run for about 45 minutes. I noticed the car was very warm and heated after 45 minutes, and I turned off the engine. I hope it is back to normal. I just need to remember to make sure the doors are fully closed and all the lights are closed inside the car. I am absentminded, and I do stupid things without realizing it, and then I am pissed because something that shouldn’t have happened had happened for no reason. While the engine was running in my carport, I noticed the Association was working on my leaking roof, which is a good sign.

So, this morning was a productive morning.


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