Squirrel Papparazzi

Monday, 6.29.20

I decide to take a stroll to the post office because the weather is nice, breezy and sunny.  When I arrived there, I noticed the small post office is closed today, due to lack of internet.  I wonder what happened to their internet access. My internet is working well today. I walked back home and drove to another local post office, which is big. When I arrived I noticed it is very crowded, much crowded than usual, and there was a line to go inside. But the line moved at a steady pace. 

I returned home to make a 6 oz French roast stovetop coffee with low sodium from Trader Joes, and then I drank lots of icy water, as well as a cup of hot water with lemon juice and honey. 

Yesterday, I felt like following a cute squirrel on my walk, like a squirrel papparazzi. 


What do you think?


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    • I have a reoccurring one too. yesterday, i noticed a hole in the dirt of one of my potted plants. i think he dug it to take out seeds. i should go check if there are still seeds in that potted plant, and replace it with new seeds


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