The Spine is as Delicate as it looks

So many people have a lot of ideas for sports, films and design furniture for fashion or wear clothes to follow fashion.

A human body is exactly as it is, human! We live in our body for a long time, and so we need to take care of our frame, which does a lot in our life time.

Bones are wonderful things, they are not only to support muscle and tissue but bones supply our bodies with red and white blood cells. The human body is fearfully and wonderfully made.

As you can see from the image the brain is connected to all of the body through nerves that connect with our brain.

When I have done home care, I have learned that our bodies are a frail part of who we are and very much affected by wear and tear of the bones, the muscles and the organs that house ourselves. So I am reminded that our health is very important. Even the rich and wealthy need to take notice.

First point, your feet.

So lets take a look first at women’s shoes. Here is my drawing of a woman’s shoe stuffed with dollar notes and roses. A Wealthy woman’s shoe. Ask yourself about the future of your foot if you wear this every day, run in it and stand in it, day after day..How will my foot be and how long can your legs endure that?

Yes, what affects your foot will also effect your spine.

Is it more important to follow fashion or care for your feet?. Im not saying you can’t wear high heels, but just asking you to think about it. Limit your time in these types of shoes. You can have as many shoes as you like but you only have one pair of feet!

Should you have bad feet go to a pediatrist and get them to look at your feet. If running or walking a long way make sure you get feet that suit your body because everyone has different feet.

Next point lifting.

Lift with care. A man has greater upper body strength than a woman’s, but the spine is still the same shape.

Bend your knees and keep your spine straight when lifting heavy objects. Let your legs take the weight. There are things you can do to assist with lifting.

Another person the same height can assist with lifting.

Or you can use a wheel barrow for garden supplies. As I don’t have a wheel barrow I use the frame of a shopping cart to lift my heavy potting mix.

Be careful when ever you lift, an accident with the spine can take seconds and it may be a permanent injury.


Choose furniture that incurs less accidents. For example not furniture with sharp ends that bruise the body but rounded. Choose sofas and chairs to support your back and even get a lazy boy type of chair where you can put your feet up. Choose comfort over fashion.

Sitting and standing. Learn good posture. Im no shinning example on that one but it definitely helps. To keep your spine healthy exercise is healthy.

I won’t go into all the specific things that can go wrong with a person at the moment.

Work Places

Keep your body safe at all times. Moving furniture or objects or people. If outdoors and felling trees. Don’t risk your life felling trees, stick to safety guidelines and stay safe. There are ways to keep safe in a place of work.

Too many people die of physical accidents at work, scaffolding that is unsafe, forrestry work that is unsafe and various other industries. Stay safe and stay alive.

Here are a few tips to keep healthy. I will probably ask a quiz later about it. More information later on.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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