Some Tips to Navigate You Towards the Best Men Hair Salon in Town

When it comes to hair and styling, most men carry a very specific look in their mind.  Even a slightly different style can lead to a very different look and alter one’s personality. What every man needs is a good men hair salon that can help them gain more self-confidence and a sense of empowerment.

Men, just like women have bad hair days and have to deal with tangled and damaged hair. However, the problem is that they do not fully understand which men hair salon to go to and what kind of experience would they have. It is like being in an unfamiliar environment for many and they have very little clue giving hints about what to ask for or expect.

Well, here are some aspects that can help you navigate your visit to a men hair salon and deal with the whole process with confidence.

  • Before you head for a men hair salon, ask yourself some essential questions like what kind of hair cut or style you are looking for.  There are plenty of hairstyles for men with both longer and shorter hair. So do some research and be sure about the kind of look you would like to have.
  • Browse over the website and look at the leading men hair salons near you. Study the work of their hair professionals and compare their expertise and experience. It is best to go for someone who has had explicit experience of working with male clients.
  • Get an appointment in advance at the best men hair salon and be there well in advance. Keep in mind that most salons are busy ones, especially if they are the best and the most popular. So, respect their time as well as yours and do not keep anyone in waiting.
  • At most men hair salons, the first step would be shampooing the hair before trimming. Enjoy the calming and relaxing experience as they rinse your hair with a high-quality shampoo. Feel the soap get deep into the roots as the expert massages your skull.  It is a lot different from your usual shampoo regimen.
  • When conversing with the hair professional, be polite and offer clear instructions regarding what you would want. The clearer you are in your communications, better the hair professional will follow what you have in mind that you are looking for. Focus on what you want and what you don’t want.
  • Give them a clear physical landmark of where you want your hair to reach when it is dry. Do not do that when the hair is wet as the length seems longer when it’s wet and will be shorter when dry.

While the men hair salon would aim for that flawless look for you with a smooth and perfectly shaped hairstyle, it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. There is no need to get that every split end removed and cut your hair shorter than necessary. All that you should aim for is to look a little more macho and attractive. Apart from the basic instructions stated above, you should be aware of some common terms that you come across at a men hair salon.

  • Thinning technique – The thinning technique means cutting hair in layers and texture and with uneven lengths.
  • Carving technique – Under the Carving technique, the hair is cut at an upward angle in a diagonal direction to get that layering effect.
  • The shape – Typically, the shape of the hair cut can be square, rounded or angular. Do not ever experiment with a-line bob, step cut, etc. as they do not look good on men

Well, now you probably have a clear picture of what to expect at a men hair salon. Hence, go ahead, make an appointment in order to get a complete makeover with a new hair cut and never forget to flaunt it in style for the whole world to know that you wear your attitude in your hair.


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Written by Zac Ferry

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