Some of My Favorite Photosketches

I am not a great artist, my calling is words but I have a passion for Photography and have loved Photoart.

I called this one friends, and it was a pencil sketch of two friends in my Children’s Ministry Class.

Babysitting I was babysitting my friends youngest daughter whose nine now, obviously she was much younger in this picture.

This was at a Harley Davidson advent about 2009 or 2010.
And Little Miss with Abby

A Little Neighbor Girl whose now not so little holding Abby.

And this one I did for her Mom because she liked it so much.

Abby as a fairy princess.

A friend and I in front of Josh Thompson’s Tour Bus.

Pretty in Pink

Daylight Fantasy 

Future Author

Painted Skies

The Calm before the Storm!

Curtsy for Jesus (Photoblended and Sketched)

Just Hanging Around

Embrace Life

Make a Wish

And by all means Capture Time in A Bottle!


What do you think?


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