Smart Man -9

Oddly, the day before his Grandma’s arrival, his wife had to rush to Nigeria for a family emergency.

Paul couldn’t object or stop her, she was gone so quickly.

The next day, he picked up Grandma at the airport. She was disappointed at not meeting her new grand daughter in law,  but understood.

After parking her things at the house, she had Paul take her to an agent who would  manage the property, take his percentage,  and send her the rent money.

Paul stayed with her in the house for the few days she was here.  She  couldn’t stay long, and returned home on Tuesday.

Daraja arrived on Thursday.

She expressed disappointment at not meeting his Grandmother, but her own was very ill, and she had to see her in case she died.   Happily, her Grandmother recovered.


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Written by jaylar

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