Smart Man – 39

After the wedding, after the brief honeymoon, Kushi set about organising her life and that of her family.

She learned  Paul had a bit of money put by, by searching his things.   She began to talk about wanting to work, to save money, so they could have their own home with a yard for their child to play.

Pretending she didn’t know about  Paul’s savings as she set about finding the kind of house she wanted

When Paul mentioned the possibility of buying a house Kushi encouraged him, telling him how brilliant he was. And she got him to look at the particular house.

As her mother and brother practically lived at the flat Paul occupied, she was able to tell them, in Hindi what was going to be said and how they were to react.

Kushi started to brag about how brilliant Paul was, describing the house, and her  mother and brother agreed.

They nearly choked on suppressed laughter for they considered him the stupidest guy they had ever encountered.


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Written by jaylar

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