Smart Man – 37

Kushi and her immediate family were not at all surprised that no one from Paul’s side were there.  The other guests were outraged.   Fortunately Paul didn’t speak Hindi so there was no problem in informing everyone that Paul hadn’t told anyone in his family.

He  had no contact with his parents.  The only one he had been close to had been his Grandmother and she had died before he met Kushi.

Many found it insane and demeaning but they were told, “This is a Citizenship Marriage” so they all nodded sagely.  If Paul married Kushi she could take citizenship and then help her mother and brother to get it.  Once citizens, they could marry others, so that it was more a pursuit of legal status than an actual marriage.

As it was all the way of Kushi and her family they had decided on a complete Hindu wedding with no reference to Paul’s beliefs or ideas because Kushi had convinced them, he had none.

Paul was a blank slate.   He had spent all his life thinking about what he wanted oblivious to those around him.   He had cut his family out of his life in some twisted interpretation of reality.

Kushi’s mother had, at first,  thought it was a gamble.  Who would want to marry a man so base his own parents did not want him?  Yet, she her daughter did know what she was doing for there was no one in Paul’s life but Kushi and Kushi had a community.


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