Smart Man – 32

On Paul’s first re entrance to the social world he met Kushi. She was so silly.   He believed he could think rings around her.  It made him happy.

He didn’t know she was from India and had lived in America for the past five years, illegally.  She and her family had slipped into America and she, like Daraja, was looking for citizenship through marriage.

Paul didn’t know the few questions she asked  were not random.   Her  apparently tossed away  questions were done to learn if he had family, if he was free to marry,  and how to play him.

Kushi knew she’d found her dupe.

The most desirable dupe is a guy who has an inflated sense of himself.  A guy who thinks he knows everything. A guy who has no one.  A guy  who can be stuffed with her family and friends.  A guy who will think she’s stupid and unsophisticated while she takes everything he has.

Kushi let a whole month go by before moving in with him.

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Written by jaylar

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