Smart Man – 10

Of course Paul didn’t know that Daraja had not gone to Nigeria but went to stay with a friend.  That is why she didn’t want him to drive her to the Airport.

She had a friend who drove a Taxi, a Nigerian.   He took her to the Dorm at the University she attended.  Once she arrived and went to stay in a room with another friend, (also from Nigerian)  she called a third, who happened to live right across the courtyard from her townhouse to keep watch.

In the morning, Daraja attended her classes, as usual, ate in  the cafeteria, and later phoned to learn if Paul was at the town house.

She was told he had driven out.

Her taxi friend, given all the details, called her to report that Paul’s car was parked at his Grandmother’s house.

The day he returned to the Townhouse, Daraja packed, and that evening, returned ‘home’.   She was full of stories and lies, but Paul, in his ‘innocence’ believed her.


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