How Show Off Sam was Slapped Down – 5

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Roberta and the children were driven to the airport by her husband, Show Off Sam.  She avoided kissing him good bye and boarded the plane with the same joy as an inmate being released from prison.

Her emotion shocked her for she hadn’t know how unhappy she was.    It was something she had to analyse. How could she be in a marriage and not realise how oppressive it was until a few months ago?

She shook the thoughts of Sam and her marriage and her life for the past few years out of her mind, and when the plane landed in her home country she felt like kissing the ground.

Her parents met her when she and the children came through the terminal.  They were  babbling about this and that and what would happen when Sam came. Roberta didn’t say anything about Sam until they were all safely home and the children were in bed.

Then Roberta told her mother about Sam.   How he had changed and how horrible it was to live with him, and how much she wanted to divorce him.

Her mother tried the usual palliatives, but they didn’t work, and she dropped them, because she had not wanted Roberta to marry Sam.   She saw a hollowness in him, a greed, for if Roberta wasn’t rich, would he have pursued her?

“Do you have a plan?”   her mother asked.

“Yes.   I’m going to tell him the marriage is over, and after he makes a fool of himself, tell him that I had an affair with his boss.”


“I never even touched that man’s hand.  But… I did run into him a few times at a place I took lunch and made it seem as an assignation.   So when I tell him, he’ll storm off, like the spoiled baby he is, make a fool of himself.”

“So what’s the purpose of that?”

“He’ll go to divorce me!”


“He’ll go to divorce me and when I disprove his adultery attacks,  he’ll look even stupider.  But I’ll ask for the divorce to go through anyway because….”  and she made a sly smile, ” … well, you’ll see how he’ll act during the months between filing the documents and the court.”

“You know him well…”

“Oh yes, I’ve studied him like a bacteria.”


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