How Show Off Sam was Slapped Down – 4

During the next weeks while Show Off Sammy postured and preened, Roberta remained as calm as clay.  Nothing he did or said annoyed her in the least. Whether he criticized her hair style or liked the meal she prepared, it went past her like a breeze.

She began to see all his flaws and follies, and each Thursday, when she went to the hotel for lunch she felt as if she were committing adultery behind his back.

As time passed and Sammy’s contract came closer to the end he confronted his boss about an extension. Happily, his boss denied it, said his replacement was arriving next week. Sammy couldn’t believe this.  How could they dispense with someone as indispensable as he?

His boss had a lot to say but having contempt for him, didn’t waste breath.

When Sammy came home that night to tell his wife that they were being sent home she didn’t dance the tango, she said, in a dull voice, “I’ll start packing.”

Sammy wanted to complain and whine, but Roberta had moved to her room, to sort her things. He followed her, whining and remonstrating, on and on.

When he shut up she said  “I think me and the children should leave next week, and you can sort out everything without us in the way…”

What she was actually saying;  “I can’t wait to get away from you and get my children to my parents, get myself to a lawyer and divorce you.”


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Written by jaylar

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