What is sexiest part of a woman’s body?

Her Lips

I hope you do not feel bad if I tell you about my personal  preference although it is your personal choice but according to a research based result the painted lips, especially in dark red were found the sexiest part of a woman’s body. According to survey person looking at the mouth of the woman he was meeting for the first time was more attracted if she was wearing red lipstick.

I was wondering just what would have been the result if the real women had taken part in that survey and not the images of women (yes they used images during this study instead of real women). Probably the whole result would have changed dramatically. By the way, the shade of lipstick these WOMEN used was most important factor in this survey.

However, when they went without make-up, the men got tired of looking at lips after a very little time instead devoted more time admiring their eyes and studying their noses, ears and other sensual parts green made him look away but a dash of pink, he would look at the woman for about as much as red. But dark red definitely topped the list.

By the way, that study proved that lips represent one of the most attractive aspects of a woman’s body and play a critical role in human sexual attraction and experts on beauty feel that red is the most attractive color for painting her lips and if it is dark red then is even better.


What do you think?


Written by Suny Ag

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