Scattered – 1

This is the term I use to describe people whose lives are so much less than they could be for they do not have the ability to focus.

There are those who can multitask and those who can not; easy enough to discern. But there are those who thing they can multitask but do all their tasks in such a slow and useless manner which proves they can not do two things at once.

For those who are ‘scattered’ as I call hem, they will always lose money, property, whatever is vital to them because if anything else intervenes they go into a ‘pause’.

This ‘pause’ is repetitive. They can perform a task then, there is an intervention, they go into pause and maybe it is a month or two later before they return to the first task.

By the time they return, events have changed, and they must ‘catch up’ which of course will be delayed if there is any other intervention.

Meaning, that where this would take you a few hours, it could take them a few years.


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