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Sandra Brown-RAINWATER Review

The book RAINWATER is fictional The historic events, real people, and places are used fictitiously. Other names etc are used by the author’s imagination. Sandra Brown is a great author, so why not start out by reading this book, and then further your collection of her books.

Just now I finished the novel RainWater by Sandra Brown. This book has changed me forever. It is about a man Mr. Rainwater. He was terminally ill and in need to find boarding. His doctor helped him finding boarding, but what he found there changes lives, especially Ellas, and her son’s life.

Ella’s son’s name was Solly, and he was a challenge due to his mental disability. She refused to commit him or drug him, she wanted him to learn things someday.  Mr. Rainwater started working with her son Solly, and interesting things happened.


Then violent things began to happen around them. Economic desperation created a war between some of the town’s people that will horrify you, but teach you many things.  Killing cows in brutal ways will tug at your heart, but how the story has been written will keep you thirsting for more,

Throughout the story, Solly does do better, but not until the ultimate violent violation did Solly show his true character. What happened to pull out his character was a miracle. Find out what happened by reading ‘RAINWATER.’ Solly did improve a lot thanks to Mr. Rainwater’s loving care.

Throughout the story even though Ella, Solly, and Mr. Rainwater had there own concerning situations, they still went to help their neighbors that had been victims of violence. The law in those days was not always on their sides. The whites were better than the blacks. 

I want to tell the whole story right now, but I want everyone to read this book for themselves. The ending shocked me, I felt sad, but overall inspired by how much one man did generously give of himself. It taught me never to complain, if he can give of himself being terminally ill and help Ella, Solly, and the community so can I.

I give this book a 10 PLUS!!!!

Here are other books she has written that I want to read one day.

My husband bought me this book at Walmart for my birthday last year. This novel is a must-read! You will not regret reading this book. You will be full of hope that in all situations better days will follow one day. It built within me an inner strength that I needed to feel right now.

 People going through poverty still helped many others in this story,

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Author from the book is Sandra Brown


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