Researcher found more medical benefits of fasting, Fasting declare beneficial for health

France and Germany’s medical experts declare fasting very beneficial for human health after long research. Germany’s medical specialists have comprehensive and scientific research regarding fasting scientific importance in which more than 1400 participants participated.

A report published In Palosi Medical journal, In which experts said that Germany’s citizens kept fasting for the health recovery five to twenty days near the Constance Lake in the southern region.

According to the report, research was conducted with the help of the Berlin University Hospital, In which ways to treat through diet are also considered. According to experts, those who joined the research kept fast and had positive impact on their health. Staying hungry and thirsty for a specific time, cholesterol in their body decreased.

The research report states that the fastest way to lose weight or obesity is fast, because the weight of the fast keeper was reduced rapidly, those who fasted also reduced the size of their stomach. According to experts, fast keeper – blood pressure, the amount of blood glucose was improved. In research, it also came to know that fasting is the easiest and important source of preventing from heart diseases. Apart from this, it also helps in treating diabetes and mental stress patients.

84% of the participants were suffering from chronic diseases like joint pain, high cholesterol in blood, liver inflammation, All of them also decreased in the disease, while 93 percent of people also told experts that they did not feel hungry for the fasting time.

Experts wrote in their report that the study included such individuals , Those people who were headache, sleeping disorder and unhealthy diseases, were also greatly benefited from such people and negative effects were over.

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