Relaxing Sundays

Sunday is my day to relax.

It is my partner’s only day off, so we can spend time together on this day. We start a fire early on cold days in the wood stove, and this creates a relaxing cozy atmosphere. I cook one of his favorite dinners, like salmon or lasagna.

We both spend time doing our own thing, but often we relax by the fire and just talk. We make a big pot of coffee, or have some hot chocolate. I will sometimes make us both a mocha. We talk about our week, and how things are going. We make plans. Our plans for the future are about my partner’s vacation time. He has two weeks off. He will take a week during Christmas time, and then another week to go visit my parents in the spring.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I always look forward to it. My partner works six days a week, usually ten hour days. So Sunday is our only real time together. The rest of the week I am mostly alone with the dog. I usually have a lot of anxiety about being alone. This anxiety disappears, and I am able to truly be at peace.


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Written by riverwild