Redefining the Effective Teacher Qualities

Effective teachers always come up with specific characteristics while ineffective makes repeated mistakes. An effective teacher is the one inherits the passion for teaching and happiness. The real joy of a teacher doesn’t come with the higher salary or promotions rather it is derived from their information sharing quality. The top qualities of a successful teacher are:

1. Relationship with Students: 

A great teacher always maintains a healthy and good relationship with students. Keeping a good bonding can let a teacher understand the student’s problem statement and help them to overcome difficulties. Educators are more like a parent to their students who must take care of children happiness, attention and problem areas.

2. Clear and Active:

An effective teacher can elaborate typical task in uncomplicated ways by sharing fundamental concepts because students have no prior knowledge of academics courses. Assist students with new parlance so that they can become eloquent in the language of the discipline.

Few concepts are typical to demonstrate easily and can be represented by visual diagrams such as charts, slideshares, real models etc., to students. Its teacher’s responsibility to assist them with a neat and clear picture of such concepts.

3. Self Restrained and Caring:

For delivering the best knowledge proportion to students, the teacher must be self-build up with high moral potential and willpower. The personal characteristic of a tutor tells all about him. It is very easy to develop a joyful bonding with the student the only criteria is faith, care and love shared between both sides.

4. Fully Dedicated:

The term dedication explains the passion or love. A teacher must be fully committed to their work passion only then they can deliver students success. From a students point of view, a teacher will always be ready to help them in their worst to worst scenarios.

Students are mostly inspired by their leaders quality who is their teacher. It’s not because of their daily interaction instead it is dependent on teachers behavior management. Its psychology as students inherits behavior from their parents and other surroundings just like that they inherit the excellent qualities of their teacher. Difference between a good and bad teacher can be decided by analyzing their student’s behavior and knowledge.

5. Regular Assessment:

Introducing surprise tests and assignments to understand student behavior is an outstanding practice for maintaining a productive environment in the classroom. A proper assessment of students helps a teacher to identify the complications or issues related to students. So that one can design an appropriate plan for detaching hurdles from students life and makes them grow better.

6. Internal Environment: 

A good teacher always tries to keep their student mentally healthy and fit. They know how to tackle the unsuitable conditions. To keep their children’s happy and fit an effective teacher always organize group related activities by allowing children to interact with each other. These activities include games, yoga, skits, physical education, laughing plays, campings etc. Arranging these activities once or twice a week can reduce the anxiety and makes children relaxed.

7. Classroom Management: 

The primary focus of teacher is making their students smart enough so that they can deal with the problem scenarios of real worlds and learning which prepares them to stand in the real world. The environment of a class must be strict as well as happening enough where study and happiness run on the same track.

8. Practical Explanation:

Few concepts in subjects such as physics or chemistry are more likely to explain with practical proof. So its science tutor’s responsibility to serve them with the real and live example for explanation.

A teacher must maintain a record of students activities, performance, health, growth and other information including behavior one student to other. So providing knowledge is not the only responsibility of a teacher but walking on the same track with students to help them achieve better future full of moral in their life.


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