Reasons to re-decorate your walls and trending ideas to do so!

Are you planning to revamp your home interiors? Every house needs an upgrade every now and then just to maintain it. I know that budget plays a huge role while deciding to renovate your space, so we keep delaying it and hope to collect enough funds. But you know, one should keep maintaining the house; otherwise, the condition will keep hampering and eventually you will have to spend more to improve the condition.

While revamping, one should also pay attention to the decoration as decoration and design of a particular space influence the mood of the place. Not only the place, but decoration also influence the mood of the people living there. But the question is, where to start when re-decorating your house? I’ll say the walls. Yes, you read that right.

Are you one of those who give walls last priority when upgrading your house? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Often we see people keep wall decoration as an afterthought if they even think about it and sometimes don’t also pay attention to them. But you know, walls are the most significant open space to re-decorate and decorate your house. It is the giant canvas for you to show your creativity.

I understand that it can be a bit tempting to keep the costs down, so you keep the focus on basics like furniture and painting the walls. But remodeling the walls is always a good idea, and it can save up some cost; also it is an effortless task. A simple task like getting a flower delivery and adjusting them in various ways can re-decorate your walls.

Well, you must be wondering why I am focusing on redecoration this much. Let me tell you some important reasons to do so.

Boost sales potential

Like you, even I used to think about what is the need to re-decorate the house time and again. But then my father told me these important points like maintaining your house could boost sales potential. I know that may sound boring to you, but in the long run, this will be beneficial. The overview of the house helps in deciding the value of the place. Right now, you might not be planning to sell the home, but maybe you find a better house in the near future.

Adding finish

Even when water supplies and plumbing of the kitchen are working well, still re-decorating is never a bad idea. It adds finishing to otherwise ordinary house. To re-decorate walls, you don’t need expert artists; you can do it on your own.

Instant color palette

Though it might be difficult to decide the color palette, it is really helpful to provide instant color to the room. The color scheme instantly depicts the theme of the room. Our advice is to choose a dominating color and a few lighter shades as well. Create designs patterns of your choice.

Provides the sense of texture

A room without texture looks really bland. Texture adds the much needed visual weight to your interiors. Rough texture adds a more intimate touch to space while a smooth texture gives a more aloof touch. To add texture, choose sculptures or objects that provide dept to the room.

Use wall arts of different dimensions that are not similar to each other. Remember, different mediums helps in bringing a sense of texture. Invest in great art, because art can really elevate the look. You can even add fresh flowers for a three-dimensional effect. You can get online flower delivery and try if it works.

Flaunt your creative side

As I was talking about decorating your walls and giving you tips for the same, I just realized that it sounds like its an expensive project and you will need some professional artists to do the task. But let me pop your imaginary bubble.

You don’t need any kind of professional help, and on the top of it, you even get to flaunt your creative side as well. Yes, that is one of the other reasons why you need to re-decorate your walls. You just need to explore your creative side, and don’t worry; you know what they say, “the most uncreative people creat the most memorable artworks.”

These were the reasons you definitely pay attention to walls and consider to re-decorate them if you haven’t already done.


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Written by Himanshu Thakur

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