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Ranking 26 Plus Over 100,000 Virils: Party Time

I try my best to achieve higher rankings and virils. I am competitive in a good way. I like to write, read and comment, but seeing a little reward is good for a writer. I commend all that have been trying to better their standards here. It shows drive, which I thinks makes for a great, and interesting writer. Agree? I also commend the ones that have joined, and have not been that active as of now. It still shows an interest in learning, and sharing more.

 I want to thank Carol, Kim, Albert, Alex, alibb, Doc, lado, mavic123456, and many others my elderly brain is forgetting to mention lol. Know I appreciate you all.. Thank you for all your inspiration.

Have a cookie with me to celebrate hmm, and thank you. Lets all challenge ourselves to try as hard as Carol, and Ghostwriter, Kim, Albert, Alex, and the rest of the top 50.

Have a good day!


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  1. Congratulations! I am eating a cookie which my officemate baked this morning (blueberry). I’ll imagine that I am eating this one.

    I would like to challenge myself to move a little bit upward. I am maintaining several sites apart from my day job. I am on rank 3 in Bitlanders and I would be very happy if I could be on the top 50 here in Virily.

  2. Congratulations. Encouraging post and thanks for the cookies. I try to do my best here always but I am writing and writing on many different places and levels that I cannot get on here as often as I like but with my quizzes now and other projects I will attempt at least twice a week. That includes posting, reading, commenting, notifications, and anything else that might come along.

  3. It’s hard, I kinda gave up because it makes an unnecessary pressure… I’m just satisfied where I am and not competing with anyone except myself… 😉 I’m just enjoying things I like here and that’s enough… It would be nice to get a little higher but I’m far from that so… 😉

    I love your photo (again), it looks so delicious and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;DDDD

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