You Radiated Christ’s Grace

Mimmi so often comes to my mind, and though I would not wish her back into a world full of pain, a part of me will always miss her, she was a sister to me…

I will always remember

The way you laugh

Your embrace on life

Living each day

As if you knew

It may be your last.

I think even before

We knew in our heads

Your time was short

That sweet friend sent

On loan from Heaven,

Life dealt you so much


Yet your face radiated Christ’s grace.

You were the one

I could talk to about anything

Midnight calls

With tear stained faces

Over lost loved ones

And twelve page letters

Still cherished today

That was your space.

I remember you

Both Mother, Sister

Daughter and Friend

and always you signed your letters

To the Sister of My Heart

What a joy those words

Would bring.

I could laugh with you

And cry with you

No judgement in our friendship

Because really we were family.

You cried over loss limbs and broken


But you were the strongest person

I knew

Pushing on through the pain.

Even at your sickest moments

Those moments we did not

Know what tomorrow bring

Your answer was always

The same

‘I will get through this

With God’s Grace.’

You captured life

In those thirty six short years

I only knew you for a few of those

But we always said

From the moment we met

It was like we knew each other

From the start.

We drew childhood paralels

Smiled at the similarities

And cried at the frustrations

Letting go of years of

Bottled up pain.

Whenever I called you

Or you called me

No matter what was going on in your

Life you would take the time

To see how I was doing.

The frustration of tests and

Years of questions

And when the answer came

We both felt that

Bittersweet relief

When the words

Muscular Dystrophy

Came into play.

I celebrate life with you though

And you with me

From silly dances

To silly games

To the stories I shared

With you.

You know how to draw us in

You said and laughed as you told me

About the fact that your Mom had took

Your copy of my book

Reflections on Life

Because she had worn hers out.

You can’t help but smile at

Something like that.

I can laugh at the memories now

And still cry at times too

Because in so many ways

My big sis

I will miss you

But wouldn’t it be selfish of me

To wish you back

To this place of insanity?

You’ve been gone

For just over two years

And at times I have to remind

Myself I can not call

Just to say Hey

How are you doing


But one day

I will see that

Face Radiated

With Christ’s Grace

Once again

And together

We will sing a new

Song of Praise.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


5: 16 P.M PST

Mimmi (M.W August.16.2007-Feb.09.2007)

Gone But Not Forgotten


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