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Quote for Today – Featuring Waikato River

If you sit on the bank of a river, 

you see only a small part of its surface. 

And yet, 

the water before your eyes is proof of unknowable depths.

Anita Daimant

I can say, that beautiful as the Waikato river is, you don’t know what is in the water and the fact that the current is about 10 miles an hour and it is very strong.

Sadly, many have died drowning in the Waikato river. It is unwise to go swimming in it except certain places where other people swim, and even then, with great caution

My sister Felicity has some of the Carp (large goldfish) taken from the Waikato river to swim in her newly made ponds in Te Kauwhata. I think some people go fishing in it.

People go canoeing, boating, in some places white water rafting, skiing, and kayaking in it or even go jet skiing. I went on a river cruise on it. It is a lovely river and the longest in New Zealand, it goes from Lake Taupo to Waikato heads near Auckland.

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