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Quote Challenge #3 – Hardest Moments – The Now – Storms

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Quote #1

This quote is one I can relate to a lot. I have gone through many hardships that seemed to never end, but it did teach me many things. These hardships taught me about compassion and sacrifice. I had to think of others before myself. My hardest moments turned me into someone that is able to help others when other people could not do it. Someone I love has to face many challenges on a daily basis. I had to learn how to help this person, and in order to do that, I had to try to figure out her thinking process.

Quote #2

This second quote about living in the moment is one of my favorites. Try to live in the moment, not in the past, or even too much into the future. Many people try to rush into their future that they forget to live in the Now, which is the present. Enjoy every moment of every day, never forgetting to cherish them. There is a lot going on in this world, so do not miss what is going on today.

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Quote #3

The third and final quote is one that needs to be understood. Learning how to dance through the good times is very easy, but what about through the hard times in our lives. I have found out that life is one big lesson with many different chapters in it. Learn to dance through the hard times. That just means to be gentle with yourself during hard times by simply having faith, and trying to enjoy the smallest of things. The person I talk about a lot that faces daily challenges has to do this quote on a daily basis. If she feels sad, I have told her to make a homemade card or something similar to that Simple things help her focus on something else, and maybe just feel like dancing because a little joy entered her life.

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I would like to nominate


ellie925 is a writer that has such a great profile picture that it defines her character. This makes you want to find out more about her style of writing. The cup of hot chocolate on her page just is so inviting. it even has a spoon on it with a cute little pink heart. That just made me feel she must be a sensitive, caring person.


Livinginstigma is a writer that writes about so many different topics that it is hard to just name a few. She writes great polls, talks about famous people, and posts great quizzes like the one she did about Spelling. They are all great, take a closer look at her posts from the link below.

Edith P

This writer knows a lot about cooking and crocheting. She mentioned many great sweet dessert recipes along with her other great cooking recipes. Edith P always makes me want to cook something. Feel free to stop by her page and see what she has cooking.


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