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There are people in this world who have issues with themselves. It might look like, or sound like they have a problem with you or this institution or that organisation, or these rules. They don’t. Their problem is within.

To clarify take Kirlie.

She was born rich and spoiled. She was an ugly girl who hid it with hair styles and makeup and fancy dress and an attitude as if she was ‘better’ than every one else.

No one liked her.

She bought her friends. She’d see this one didn’t have lunch money or that one didn’t have bus fare, or another one needed a book or pen, and she’d spend the money and the person would be thankful, and she’d get that person as a ‘friend’ until she insulted them, or ignored them, or did something.

Kirlie always did something. She always did something that was obvious and deliberate and clear so that a third party would wonder… “Why did Kirlie say that to you?” or ‘Why did she do that?’ ¬†looking for some reason, that didn’t exist.

She was married, eventually, had children, and her husband ran and left her. As soon as the kids could leave, they did.

She had an affair and that man left her, and by this time was old and ugly and bent but just as miserable at 70 as she was at 17.

The only person who visits is the maid, whom she pays badly.

Her problem is herself. She projects herself on others and so, chases them away. She tries to ‘recycle’ friends but after one ‘recycle’ they are so far out of the loop they don’t even look at her when they pass.

She is a perfect example of the kind of character whose problems begin and end within.

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