Prince Harry V Prince William?

So Meghan is stressed and depressed about being beautiful, rich, loved, pampered, clothed and fed? As all men know there is no pleasing the female species and God knows they try us. We also know women like a good self-cantered cry now and then and we have seen that recently with Megs. You could say she is a real actress.  I’m sure the job of being emancipated princess is stressful but most of the third world women you are supposed to be speaking out for have a far tougher life babe.

We also know women can set brothers against each other and that appears to be happening here. The two Royal couples are going head – to – head to be most popular out there, ‘The Meg’ and Harry wallowing in poverty in South Africa, Kate and WIll’s in the equally dangerous Pakistan last week. This one-up-man-ship will continue. They recently split up their joint charity and I think we all know whose idea that was! But Harry has also publicly come out as anxious and stressed and even admitted things are no great with his brother, a surprise to many royal watchers. Some would say there recent negative tabloid press over taking one too many private jets to party with Elton John, and others, whilst preaching to us mere mortals should cut down on our carbon footprint by not flying anywhere, was more a PR exercise to get us back on side than a genuine mental health crisis. I totally get that Harry and William can never forget the tabloids they are now suing after the death of their mother but this is a reciprocal arrangement.

The older Royals job is to use that soft power to sell and legitimatize British Business and influence around the world, with some arms deals to dodgy leaders and countries around the world, prince Andrew given most of those awkward duties for his nefarious past, whereas the younger ones to sell British designer clothes and promote the country in general around the world. As long as they do that they are worth the public money we pay for them to do that. Megs, of course, wants to be the next Princess Diana and cynically copying Diana’s trips and photo ops at every turn. Kate is also doing that but more subtle, ultimately the family now just a PR exercise to sell themselves.

In Diana’s latter years she would tip the press off with stories and where she was going to be so photographed on her terms and, amongst other reasons to inflict damage on Prince Charles and the Royal Family. I always felt she was angry for most of her life for marrying a guy who clearly didn’t love her early on. We have to accept the media they hate so much they also use to stay relevant by exploiting them. They are the very essence of a dysfunctional family dependent on the media.

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