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Why I prefer spending holidays with friends?

As everybody knows the summer holiday is a time when we can relax and enjoy
ourselves away from school or work, especially, with family; However, not all people spend the summer holidays with their family. Personally, I prefer spending the summer holidays with my friends because of the more freedom I have, the independent person I become, and the numerous activities.

The first reason why I prefer spending the summer holidays with my friends is freedom. I believe that being with my family seems like I am a prisoner. For example, I can’t smoke in front of my parent, even stay out late. On the other hand, being with friends makes me rely on myself and do everything independently. Finally, the various activities, which I would have being with friends, for example, my parents would not go surfing with me, even climbing mountain which is very hard for them.

And you guys do you prefer to spend holidays time with friend or family?

What do you think?

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Written by Mhammd

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  1. Having friends in times of happiness is awesome but it way cooler when they spend time with you when you need them. And family is just around the corner in either situations you are into. Just saying. But lucky you, you have friends to count on. Keep the bond

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