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Positive and Negative Emotions

Among the top positive emotions are some really powerful ones which when mentioned can bring each of us our own thoughts and memories and feelings of that particular emotion.

A color that expresses joy is orange.

Joy – expresses so much. It brings gladness, smiles and an overwhelming feeling. People have lots of things in their lives that bring them joy. There can be the joy of the changing of the seasons as each season brings its own beauty and wonder. Spring has quite a lot of joy that it brings along such as flowers blooming, warm breezes blowing and birds singing everywhere. Consider what things bring you great joy.

Pinkish-lavender like the coming of twilight for gratitude.

Gratitude – this is an emotion which overwhelms us when someone does something helpful or good for us. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you have had a difficult time getting over say an illness and your neighbor or your best friend comes over with flowers and just suddenly makes your day and you forget you were ever sick. You feel gratitude toward them for just being there and brightening you day.

Serenity comes in rose tones.

Serenity – that pleasant, relaxed feeling we get when everything seems to fit and everything seems to be going our way. There are no worries and we can lay back relax and smile. Serenity can be felt doing something we really enjoy or being on vacation or being someplace where we can really enjoy ourselves.

Interest – occurs when we become inspired by something or something peaks our curiosity. That is one of the fascinations for a lot of people surfing the Internet that there is always something of interest which draws attention to it.

A color like green expresses hope.

Hope – an emotion that usually fills us with the feeling that everything will be alright after things have seemed to go wrong. We get filled with hope about many different things and especially about the dreams we have and our outlook toward the future.

Pride – this emotion usually overtakes us when we have accomplished something which we want to share with everyone. When we have made or created something we are proud of we feel great pride and we greatly appreciate it when people tell us that we are great or we have done really good work.

Amusement – a very delightful emotion which we usually feel when we see something which either makes us smile or makes us want to laugh. There are lots of things in the world which can amuse us. Little children or puppies and kittens are among those which can bring us amusement.

Inspiration can bring to mind many different colors depending on which ones inspire us the most. One of the colors that inspire me the most is purple.

Inspiration – when something overwhelming or unexpected happens and it touches your heart and suddenly you are inspired to react. Perhaps to paint a picture or to take a photograph to remember forever. Writers and poets are lead by inspiration.

Awe – this feeling takes over when you feel overwhelmed by greatness. Perhaps seeing the beauty of nature such as the stars in the sky or the view from a mountain top all of this can bring us a feeling of awe.

The one true color of love is red which particularly symbolizes the heart.

Love – my absolutely favorite feeling. Love is a powerful and wonderful emotion. It makes us feel good when we can love someone and makes us feel great when we are loved right back. Love actually can include all of the other positive emotions discussed and when we experience love in our lives, love for family and friends, love for our partners this is the greatest feeling there can be.

On the other side of the coin there are very negative emotions which can affect us and make us feel bad.

We know that the colors that particularly bring about these negative emotions are dark gray shades and black.

Fear/Depression/Despair – Fear is a very negative emotion and it can keep us from living our lives to the fullest because it inhibits so fear should be an emotion which we should always attempt to get over. Depression is an emotion which can bring out other negative emotions such as sadness and even fear. If not controlled depression can make it seem that our lives are suddenly on hold and there is nothing to enjoy. Despair can bring us very overwhelming feelings and again this negative emotion can bring about the other two.

Guilt – this emotion is one which unfortunately a lot of people bring upon themselves. If you do something wrong or do something against someone else you will feel guilty about it until you can apologize or set things right again. This is one emotion which we can keep out of our lives by not doing things which will bring it about.

If jealousy is rooted deep enough it comes in shades of dark green. 

Jealousy – is such a negative emotion which can suddenly make us regret things or want things which we don’t actually need but which we suddenly decide we want and can’t have. It can make us feel bad seeing others in loving relationships when we don’t have such a relationship ourselves and this can all bring about the feeling of jealousy.

It is interesting to note that these negative emotions bring the color red to mind because red was also the color of the wonderful positive emotion love. In this case perhaps it is best to say that the color here should be fiery red like the flames from a blazing fire.

Hatred/Rage – Two very negative and powerful emotions which bring on especially strong feelings. Sometimes we don’t wish to have these very powerful emotions but something or someone has triggered these emotions in us and we suddenly see red and feel rage.

Revenge – an emotion which can get people into a lot of trouble. Someone has done something which we don’t like at all and instead of just telling them that we didn’t appreciate what they did you want to wreak revenge on them. All revenge can do is to make the situation much worse.

Anger – this emotion can keep us from lots of positive emotions if we keep it in our hearts. It is a rather constricting emotion and if at all possible we should get rid of anger whenever we can.

All in all emotions have a way of controlling our lives and we must remember that positive emotions can make our lives great and worth living and negative emotions can restrict us and keep us from living our lives to the fullest.


What do you think?

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  1. GREAT post here, you did a awesome job on this one
    our emotions have a lot to do with how we live & act towards
    others in our lives & how our lives turn out would you agree?
    I love all colors of the rainbow, in just about everything.

    • Glad you enjoyed this post. Emotions contain all the colors of the rainbow. The way each day turns out greatly depends on the emotional phases we go through that day. My emotions range to many levels because I write poetry and my inspiration can come and bring with it an emotional storm.