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Poetry: Breath to Breath

Take each breath

and let them be

carried through this world

upon every branch and tree

Allow the essence of each breath

to unite with one another

like  a love dance



the surroundings

Of their existence

Be aware

that every breath

needs love

If it is to

carry on

And live


Our every breath is as precious as GOLD. Our every breath is in our every surroundings with much anticipation to carry on many things throughout every second of our lives. Our breath spells out our lifeline. Each breath holds many hope-filled tomorrows, so beware, and do not lose sight of the purpose of our each and every breath. Life cannot be sustained without each and every breath doing their part to stay connected to life.


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Written by LaJenna


  1. Ha! Apparently, you have posted a new post! Several times I check your profile, and in the few days I see are always that two pairs of shoes!
    A person who realizes that her/his precious breath is a wise man in seeing life, and they must be aware that the breath is the linking and unifying life of all life!