Playing Him Like a Piano – part 78

Damian, being ‘thrown out’  by his wife,   lived at the hospital.   Having the money, she rushed through the divorce, got everything, including full custody of their son, Derek.

Despite getting his divorce, Damian did not betray his relationship with Kat, until he was  offered residency at a hospital nearly a thousand miles away.

He grabbed it, and called Kat.

They had dreamed of this moment.

Years ago, when Dami revealed that Simone would sent him to Medical school if he married her, they had imagined this moment.

Imagined how, completing his internship, getting the offer of a residency somewhere far away, how he would divorce Simone,  and he and Kat could be together.

The plan had been a bit ragged, when first imagined, but the details were worked out during the years.

The important part was to get the divorce before he got the residency,  say nothing to anyone but Kat, then disappear, so would not know where he had gone, and be unable to barge into their lives.

As an unattractive spoiled rich girl, Simone had been accustomed to the world conforming to her demands.  Getting away from her once she was no longer necessary, was the plan.

Hence, searching for those far away hospitals where they could be, where no one knew of their pasts was crucial.

Kat had gone through her marriage, her divorce, gotten half of the proceeds of sale of the matrimonial home, and parked it in an interest bearing account for ninety days.   Her timing was impeccable, for the ninety days ended yesterday.

Dami’s divorce had come through,  and now, the offer.

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