Playing Him Like a Piano – part 77

After the Divorce, Kat lived with her mother.  Claiming harassment by her ex-husband, her company transferred her to another office.  She continued to work and save. She parked her half of the sale of the house in a high interest account for three months.

Jeremiah had no where to go after the house was sold.  He bunked with his Aunt.  This was only for a short time, as she disliked him as much as he disliked her.

Within two weeks  from the sale of the house, Jeremiah rented a crappy apartment for himself and Alice. He placed her in a ‘play school’ which, although a bit expensive, was opened twenty four hours.

When he wasn’t at work, when Alice was sleeping, Jeremiah  cried a lot, because he loved Kat and was so angry at himself for abusing her.

Although in one part of his brain he warred against those definitions, the fact that ‘everyone’ said he was abusive, that ‘everyone’ said he poisoned Alice against her mother, had him thinking.

He tried to look at Kat’s Facebook page but it no longer existed.  Went to email her, but it bounced back.  Her phone number was changed.

Unable to cope, Jeremian went to a therapist, because he knew he had a problem.


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Written by jaylar

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