Playing Him Like a Piano – part 69

Jeremiah didn’t want a divorce.  He loved Kat, he wanted her back.  He’d do anything.

He wanted to see her.  Talk to her.  He’d do anything!

Lucy-Ann told him, when he virtually burst into her Hair Dressing Parlour to talk to their lawyer.

Jerry went to Kat’s lawyer.  He was told that Kat wanted her half of the house.  If he couldn’t buy her half, she would ask the Court to sell it.

Jeremiah didn’t have that money.

He thought that maybe if he could talk to Kat, maybe she’d understand how sorry he was.

Jerry drove to Kat’s work place. Her co-workers had been fed her stories, security threw him out, threatened to call the police.

The only communication he received from Kat was a Restraining Order.

He didn’t know what to do.   He spoke to his ‘friends’.   Jerry still hadn’t caught the fact that these guys were not his friends.  These were Kat’s friends.  And everything he said would be used against him.


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Written by jaylar

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