Playing Him Like a Piano – part 66

Kat and Dami had formed a “7 Year Plan.”

He had needed 7 years to get through Med School, to get through Internship and then accepted for Residency he’d be able to dump his wife and he and Kat would be together.

To mark time for those 7 years, Kat would try to get a piece of property so she’d be able to bring something into the relationship.

She’d have to find a man with a Jamaican background.   American men didn’t accept silence for consent, would take passivity and abuse the woman.   A Jamaican would take the lack of argument and resistance as compliance.

Hence, to play a Jamaican man, be very quiet, never argue, do what you please, and don’t leave clue.

She had met Jeremiah, he appeared to own a house.   He was the kind of guy who was overly suspicious about everything so would be easy to play.

She’d come into the house as a tenant, it had taken her about a year to get from there to being his girlfriend, then marriage, then having a baby.

Five years had elapsed.  She couldn’t take it much longer.   She despised him and the child, and thought she would go mad unless she got out.

As she had already gotten half the house in her name, getting a divorce would keep her sane.    The problem was she had no grounds.

Speaking with a lawyer, consulting with her mother, she brought her friends into the plot.  These were men who Jerry thought were his friends.   Men he had his Boy’s Night Out with,  men who borrowed money from him, men who visited the house (with their wives).

But these men were not his friends, they were Kat’s friends.  And they would help Kat.


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