Playing Him Like a Piano – part 65

Kat spoke to her friends, especially those who had pretended to be  Jeremiah’s friends.   Beyond her people, Jerry had no friends.   No friends, no real family.

This had been evidenced since their wedding.

They had been limited to six guests each.   Jerry only had four, Kat had eight.  Her mother and father, and her friends.   Jerry didn’t invite his father, had his grandmother and aunt only, so invited his mother and her husband because even someone as dense as he realised how bad it looked.

He had little contact with his mother since the wedding, where Kat no only had weekly visits with her mother, not only did her mother drop in now and then, not only did she have ‘girl’s night out’ with her friends, not only did she go to visit her father, but …  and this is the key feature…  Jerry had no one.   Her friends became his ‘friends’.

But they weren’t really ‘his’ friends.

They were ready to do what it took to sink Jeremiah.

In discussions with Kat these ‘friends’  of  Jerry decided to encourage Jerry to talk negatively about Kat.

Talk negatively, and they’d catch his words on their Smart Phones, maybe even film him.

This would be proof that Jerry was a dominating abusive man who had used Kat as a baby factory.


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